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Step 1:
Create a petition
This is your request to various clubs. After establishing your account, begin by selecting your date, preferences, and any special requests.
Step 2:
Receive bids
The venues you petition will create offers tailored to you based on your preferences.
Step 3:
Accept a bid
You choose from the bids that you receive and provide your payment method.
Step 4:
We’re a know-it-all
Our all-seeing, all-knowing browse feature allows you to view a complete list of events for any given date. Dig a little deeper by searching for specific DJs and peruse our venue profiles complete with table maps and pretty pictures.
Because one size fits…no one
Receive custom bids exclusive to your petition based on what you deem most important. Include specific date, budget, party size, and other special requests in your petition; then receive tailor-made bids from your chosen suitors.
It’s easy… like Sunday morning
Just create a petition and accept a bid. That’s it. You don't need to know a guy who knows a guy. No phone calls or text messages. This is nightlife simplified. This is PartyPetition.
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