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PartyPetition brings the functionality and convenience found in online travel sites into securing guaranteed Las Vegas nightclub reservations. By either buying prepackaged venue offers or “petitioning” multiple nightclubs with an all-inclusive budget for a set number of guests (for which the clubs then create custom “bids”), PartyPetition enables users to book VIP table reservations with bottle service in just a few simple steps. Tax and gratuity are included in the original budget, so upon arrival the bill is already paid in full. Plus, PartyPetition offers the most complete, easy-to-view browse feature with both venue listings and upcoming DJ appearances and events, which make it a go-to resource for anyone looking to see what is happening in Las Vegas nightlife.

Yale Rowe

Founder, CEO

With 18 years of hospitality experience, most recently as the senior vice president and general manager of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Rowe brings vast business and operations knowledge to the PartyPetition team.

Greg Costello


Greg Costello has been in the Las Vegas entertainment and nightlife industry for 12 years. During this time he worked with such groups as Hard Rock, Tao Group, and sbe. Through all this experience, Costello has become an expert in Las Vegas nightlife marketing, sales, finance, and logistics.

Mike Myers


Myers contributes most of his successes and frustrations to the Canadian actor. His "No Responsibility Whatsoever" philosophy has propelled him to the apex of nightlife careers: Jet-Set Alcohol Consumer or JSAC for short. He is also the tallest founder of PartyPetition and plans to keep it that way.

Pablo Jablonski

Chief Technical Officer

Pablo discovered programming in middle school, started taking it seriously in high school, and had it become a passion at Stanford. Interestingly, his drinking skills have followed a similar path. He now focuses his skills on making new technology to help people have fun.

Andrew Easton

Lead Developer

A software engineer by way of Stanford and Microsoft, Easton has long been a regular in the San Francisco nightlife scene. Now, leading development for a young startup and quickly becoming a Las Vegas aficionado, Easton is refining his skills in both of these areas.

Alexandra Jewell

Market Manager

Bringing a diverse background to the PartyPetition team, Alexandra Jewell assists in all operations from office efficiency and venue acquisition to web/mobile content creation, QA testing and user interface development of the product.

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